Jul 30, 2008


wow, that sounds old

so far i have been underwhelmed by my coworkers. I got a few happy birthday notices, but not from my boss, or from people that work with him, I expect more from them, but that's ok, I know where I stand.

it's funny to get happy birthday notices from around the world from people that I have never met. thanks,

I dont' know why, but birthdays tend to make me melancholy, maybe I am not alone in this, but this anniversary of my birth reminds me of some things, and of course I am very thankful for others.

Thanks to those that remembered, of course my family.

and... I do hope that Alex and Andy call me today, they said that they would.

but we'll see.

take care all.. maybe I will only post once a year :)


Imelda said...

Happy belated birthday, Chris!!! How did it go??

chris in tulsa said...

I haven't been able to speak to Alex and Andy since they left here in June.. it's August 9 today and I have decided to stop calling, they have my email address and have sent very short emails. Maybe when school starts up again, they will have more freedom and access to the internet, I have given up trying to call. It's been 10 years and now they can call me. I know that sounds harsh, but they could have made an effort at 15 and 13 they could pick up the phone, but they don't want to, even though they know how much it means to me.

even if they just sent a note that said hello that would be great.

The sad part is that their mother is probably happy about this. what a loser she is, what a sad pathetic life she leads.

It will eventually come back to haunt her, she will be alone when the boys get older.