Aug 1, 2012

One big thing I noticed about Hawaii... I actually noticed when I came back home.  They have this thing called Aloha Spirit.  It seems like everyone has gone to an incredible training class on friendly... but it is simply a part of the culture and you start to adopt it the more you see it.  Here is what it is.

“Akahai” meaning kindness, to be expressed with tenderness
“Lokahi” meaning unity, to be expressed with harmony
“Oluolu” meaning agreeable, to be expressed with pleasantness
“Haahaa” meaning humility, to be expressed with modesty
“Ahonui” meaning patience, to be expressed with perseverance
Yup, that sums it up... I am going to post some of my better photos of Hawaii when I get some time.  I just thought I would document for myself this Aloha and how I believe that if we all try a little harder, it may start to happen over here... well, not with everyone.. not with that guy at the gas station yesterday that was so angry I thought he would run me over... 
I also noticed, that their political ads only mention what they are going to do.. no discouraging comments about their opponent.. not one negative ad on tv.  Not one!.

Jul 31, 2012

I am back

It's July 31st and it's been years since I've posted to this blog. I guess Facebook and other venues afforded me an opportunity to be social.. I guess... not that I am a very social person. The truth is, I need very few people in my life and they are already there, some I would like to see more and I don't look to meet new people or spend time with anyone else. So... why after all this time am I writing again. Well, the day after my birthday (I am now entering my 52nd year, crazy) I just feel very introspective. After so many trips, to so many places, one place made me feel different, and that was the trip to Hawaii with Myra and Sam. Today as I take a break from work on a lunch hour, having some coffee I can't help writing down how I feel, how I feel that I have changed a bit. I guess I may be afraid to go back and look at the posts from several years ago, to see how I was and how I am. So... what's changed? It wasn't Hawaii, or Maui, or the people or the beach, it was the time I spent with Myra and Sam and the flood of memories of times that I spent with Alex and Andy when they were younger, and maybe even a few memories of when I was younger. It's about how at the end of the year, if we take stock into those moments that Mattered... the time that we will remember, the time that we wish we had more of.. well it has nothing to do with work. I feel that my work is unimportant, a means to an end.. a way to make money so that I can live.. not meaningful, but I try, and will try harder to help others in achieving their personal goals,and maybe their professional goals too. Two things happened on my birthday, I got an email from a sales person that was elated that I helped her to find a better place to work, somewhere where she will be happy... and I spent time with my boss reviewing some of the work that I need to do to report on the state of my area... top priorities, strategies...etc. etc. .. I wish that helping others was measurable in some way.. that I could put it on my KPO's.. (key performance objectives). So, as I feel a little closer to understanding the meaning of life.. I realize that there are many times that i am very far from it... floating in my ford taurus, pushing buttons on the radio trying to find something to pass the time... when time is so special. That is what I realized and it made me a little scared... time passes too quickly. Alex my oldest son called me on my birthday.. a first.. the first time he called me on my birthday.. Andy said he loved me on Facebook and wished me a happy birthday. Sammy made me a card and gave me a big kiss as I plugged away on my computer trying to work... trying to pay attention to my boss explain how I need to set my goals...and strategies for work. I know that planning is important... sure... so I am starting to plan a way.. to spend more time on things that I love and less on those things that are meaningless to me. I think I know what I would like to do... now I just have to sit back and wait. Maybe by the end of this year.. there will be a change. Ok... off to a rambling start :) back to blogging

Nov 23, 2008

Anybody still here?

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Oct 29, 2008

Thoughts as time has passed.... Alex and Andy have grown older, but not grown up.. they are still kids in my mind, even though they are both teenagers and getting even a word out of them now has been impossible.

I hold on to moments this summer when we spent a short 3 weeks together,memories that while together, it was if we were never apart. We enjoyed being together and talking about the future and hopes.

I don't know how they will remember me in the next few years, hopefully they will remember that I have tried for years now to even get them to pick up the phone when I call, and now to just simply answer an email or to leave a message... nothing comes back now. I don't deserve this type of treatment.

For so long i excused the boys out of their fear of their mother and maybe they still have some of that, but they could take a chance on talking to their father, or then again maybe their mother is truly psychotic at this point.

I will eventually be moving back to arizona and we will be closer in proximity, but hopefully we will see each other more also. I am planning on it. planning on the hope that they will allow me to help them, to simply be a part of their life, but it really will be their choice.

I know that I have given what I can, with no.. absolutely no discussion from their mother for 10 years other than with regards to money.

it's been awhile since I have posted, but here I am...

Sep 27, 2008

Jul 30, 2008


wow, that sounds old

so far i have been underwhelmed by my coworkers. I got a few happy birthday notices, but not from my boss, or from people that work with him, I expect more from them, but that's ok, I know where I stand.

it's funny to get happy birthday notices from around the world from people that I have never met. thanks,

I dont' know why, but birthdays tend to make me melancholy, maybe I am not alone in this, but this anniversary of my birth reminds me of some things, and of course I am very thankful for others.

Thanks to those that remembered, of course my family.

and... I do hope that Alex and Andy call me today, they said that they would.

but we'll see.

take care all.. maybe I will only post once a year :)

May 3, 2008

sammy having some lunch

Apr 23, 2008


Apr 22, 2008

I was going to sit down to start a productive day of work at home today.. and I thought, wow, it's so quiet no construction noise out there and I opened up all the windows so we can get some fresh air in the house and I sat at my desk to the sound of EVERY single fire alarm going off in the house.

Probably of dust in one of the sensors, but they are not easy to reach... we have 10 foot ceilings so to reach most of them requires a ladder.. and one of our rooms has 12 foot ceilings!!!

it took about 30 minutes for me to find the one that was freaking out.. take it down and take out the batter...

yikes.. now it's quiet again!


Apr 21, 2008


how does the time go by so quickly? has it really been 7 years since I started this blog? the other day I saw that the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing was here again and I thought to myself, only last year was the 10 year anniversary, but in reality that was 3 years ago... time goes by too quickly. I hope that I am able to savor some moments because i am getting older each day... For me, it is easy to float, to pick moments and enjoy them, even if it is just pulling weeds in the yard, I like to do it, to see something get accomplished.

but... when i look at how 5 years have gone by and how Alex and Andy are now young men... I love looking at the photos of the fun we had, and hope that there is much more to come.

because, I unfortunately am perennially a child... I have the nature of a kid, a boyhood fascination with things and luckily I have Sammy to play with too.. to sit in the sandbox and dig for china, because I still enjoy it and long for the day that we can fly a kite together...

I didn't get the chance to fly kites too much with Alex and Andy, we had fun, it's all documented in the photos, but in each set of photos, they get older, I love them and want them to be such good kids, and I know that they are. I am lucky.

i guess my fear is that they will tell me, to... grow up.

Can I just read this little kid's book forever? Oh, the thinks you can think!

This afternoon I am sitting at some coffeehouse, that I found.. listening to Sigur Ros, a band that I found on someone's myspace. if that someone happens to find this blog... then we are even :)

it is a beautiful day, one of those days whereby i feel rendered useless... a wasting day, time slipping by again, typing, again, after so long