Apr 21, 2008


how does the time go by so quickly? has it really been 7 years since I started this blog? the other day I saw that the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing was here again and I thought to myself, only last year was the 10 year anniversary, but in reality that was 3 years ago... time goes by too quickly. I hope that I am able to savor some moments because i am getting older each day... For me, it is easy to float, to pick moments and enjoy them, even if it is just pulling weeds in the yard, I like to do it, to see something get accomplished.

but... when i look at how 5 years have gone by and how Alex and Andy are now young men... I love looking at the photos of the fun we had, and hope that there is much more to come.

because, I unfortunately am perennially a child... I have the nature of a kid, a boyhood fascination with things and luckily I have Sammy to play with too.. to sit in the sandbox and dig for china, because I still enjoy it and long for the day that we can fly a kite together...

I didn't get the chance to fly kites too much with Alex and Andy, we had fun, it's all documented in the photos, but in each set of photos, they get older, I love them and want them to be such good kids, and I know that they are. I am lucky.

i guess my fear is that they will tell me, to... grow up.

Can I just read this little kid's book forever? Oh, the thinks you can think!

This afternoon I am sitting at some coffeehouse, that I found.. listening to Sigur Ros, a band that I found on someone's myspace. if that someone happens to find this blog... then we are even :)

it is a beautiful day, one of those days whereby i feel rendered useless... a wasting day, time slipping by again, typing, again, after so long

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Imelda said...

Never lose your spirit of being a kid ...